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Programs for the Best Jobs

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The South Dakota Center for Farm/Ranch Management at Mitchell Technical Institute is a newly organized place dedicated to assisting agriculture producers in South Dakota to become better business managers. Our goal is to help you learn better methods of farm accounting, farm enterprise recordkeeping, compliance, marketing, decision making, goal setting, and to be flexible to work on any aspect of agriculture that you need. We will teach you how to build a recordkeeping system, work to build your technical skills, and practice methods to help you keep it all organized.     

There are two levels of education offered through our Center:

Level 1 – Beginner Farmer and Rancher / FSA Borrower Training
This course is for the Farmer/Rancher who has been farming/ranching less than 10 years and also is for FSA Borrowers who want training in the following areas:  Goal Setting, Balance Sheet and Financial Ratios, Financial Trends, Ag Production Trends, Cash Flow Statements, Record Keeping Systems, Risk Management/Marketing, Income Tax Management, Estate Planning, and Financial Analysis.  Current issues relating to production agricultural management are also reviewed in this course. This is a structured course offered in January, February and March at our campus in Mitchell.

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Level 2 – Farm/Ranch Business Management Program
Mitchell Technical Institute’s Farm Business Management program is unique because it is individualized. Most instruction is conducted one-on-one with the instructor and the farm operator participating at the farm site. The participants keep records of their own business, which are later analyzed and utilized to develop a comprehensive farm business plan. Participants receive cost comparison figures from across the state, which helps in determining factors that can improve profitability. Only during individualized instruction are business records discussed, unless otherwise volunteered. Benefits to the participants of the program include: complete records of past years to review when making management decisions; records needed for filing yearly tax reports; development of a record management system for use with bankers and lending agencies; an increased knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the business; the ability to determine the business’s exact financial progress in any one year; an ability to project profitability of individual enterprises; and development of a working understanding of cash flow, net worth, and profit and loss statements.

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For more information, please email [email protected].

2013 SD Center for Farm/Ranch Management Annual Report
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